How do I create a new FoldingText theme?

FoldingText themes are not officially supported yet. The theme system is likely to change somewhat going forward and that means any theme you create now will probably need updating to work with future versions of the app. With that said, if you are the geeky sort, you can create FoldingText themes today.

FoldingText's is mostly embedded web page, constructed in Javascript and HTML/DOM, with some native code wrapped around it. FoldingText themes are just CSS files that configure the HTML/DOM display. If all of those keywords aren't too scary then hacking at themes should be fun. If they are scary then I'd recommend you avoid them for now.

Here are the steps to creating your own theme:

  1. Right click in the Finder and choose Show Package Contents
  2. Navigate to Contents/Resources/javascript-dom-build/scripts/themes
  3. Copy out one of those theme foldings to use as a starting point for your own theme. The default theme is the Courier.fttheme one, the most bare bones theme is the Times.fttheme.
  4. After copying, rename that theme folder to User.fttheme and copy it into ~/Library/Containers/com.foldingtext.FoldingText/Data/Library/Application Support/FoldingText/Themes/User.fttheme
  5. Now modify the CSS file that's inside your User.fttheme file as you see fit.

And here's a list of existing themes that you can try out. Please remember that these are all likely to need adjustments as FoldingText is further developed, but they are still fun to try and use now: